4 Instruments That Are Ideal for Kids to Learn

All parents have a dream of their kids achieving something or developing skills that they never had the opportunity to pursue. If you want your little one to learn to play an instrument, you’re probably wondering what instrument would be best. While this is not an easy answer, as no instrument is necessarily ‘easier’ than another.

In this post, however, we take a look at what professionals recommend to teach kids of a younger age. Let’s get started!


Ukulele’s size makes it ideal for younger children to learn. The strings are also not too hard to press down, and there are many simple chords that can be taught fairly easily. Your little one won’t get discouraged too easily with one of these by their side.


The piano makes the list as it is seen as one of the best instruments to get kids started on. It is fairly easy to learn, but it does take dedication and loads of practice. Keep in mind that with the right mindset, and encouraging your little one, you may just be able to light and develop a further interest for them in musical instruments.


The guitar follows as another favorite among parents and children alike. It does take hard work and perseverance, but your child might just enjoy the discipline. Learning how to play the guitar has many benefits for children, and it will also help them on their musical journey.


The recorder is probably one of the most popular instruments parents end up getting their kids. And there is no shame to it either. It is a lovely instrument that is fairly easy to learn, and ideal for introducing other woodwinds once your child masters their skill on it.

And that concludes our list of the best instruments to get your child started on! Remember to keep encouraging them to practice, and to make it a fun activity rather than a chore.


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