Music Programs

Our music programs at Music For Youth work in a variety of educational settings and it is designed so it works on children of any background. Our music programs are research-driven and it is provided according to the backgrounds of children, learning styles, and developmental levels.

We offer our music curricula as a way to provide a foundation for children regarding music, as well as developing their social-emotional, literacy, math, and language skills.

We make sure the fun and joy of music stay in these music programs as it encourages positive interactions between the child and the teacher, as well as their classmates. To do so, we make our programs easy to implement and complements private and public schools, as well as childcare centers.

How We Work

Our programs serve as an extension for the typical classes that children attend in order to learn music. However, we make it more playful and interactive because we believe this is how children learn best. Our curriculum kits include tools that will make it easier for teachers to guide the children to participate in activities and assess them at the same time.

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are intended for repeated use and it is tested to help children through individual activities with each lesson contained in the program. These activities may include stories, practical application, and games.

We want children to have maximum engagement and participation possible with our frameworks.

You’ll also find lesson plan helpers such as brainstorming maps and plans, daily, weekly, and monthly plan templates, and premade lessons. We can also help you come up with ideas for group works, home works, and we also provide printed worksheets.

Our music programs have decades of research behind them and you can expect that they are as effective as they can be. You may also contact us if you’re having any problems or questions.

You can get all of this after you subscribe to Music For Youth and reach out to us mentioning this subject.